Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Daisy is a sleepy girl after playing in the back yard. She is so silly. She will be totally calm one minute then have a spurt of energy and start doing circles and jumping around. It's like she knows that she will always have love food and fun now and is happy as can be because of it. She will sit nicely in her kennel while we sleep or work and wait patiently for us to let her out....then its Daisy-crazy time lol. She gets sooooo excited to see us. I love it and her of course!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16th

Its been awhile since Ive posted. In that time Dasiy has really come out of her shell. She got a bath tonight after we got back from sushi. We introduced her to Dharma tonight (offleash) and they are both in the office together playing. She obviously has the scars to show that she has been in a horrible situation before. As a foster you assume the worst, you assume that a dogs past will venture to the future. I assumed because she has the scars she will have a bad attitude towards other dogs, but tonight I can say that Daisy is a sweetheart. Forgiving to people, and other dogs.

Last Sunday we had an event and she did wonderful around people. And for the first time I saw her play with a toy. It was about 6 seconds, but anyone who has fostered or rescued a dog will embrace those seconds and realize that she is forgetting her past and doing what is natural.

Andrea from ModernPetFurtography was also there, now Daisy has some great headshots for her modeling career. Please visit her website at.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So Daisy has been out a few times with Veda now. They both slept in the bed last night with us. We still haven't let her meet the big girls yet, other then the few minutes on leash with Bailey. We don't want to overwhelm her and she seems a little shy when she sees them.

The wounds where her drain was are almost completely gone and her hair is starting to grow back. She is finally eating dry dog food without fussing about it lol.

Hopefully the next post can be about her and the girls playing! We shall see...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

As you already know, Daisy got her drains out. The wounds are healing nicely. We did a small intro yesterday with our pit Bailey. They were both on leash the whole time and it went really well. We didn't let them loose together because Daisy seemed a little unsure at Baileys forwardness. Bailey was excited to meet a new dog and kept doing the play with me thing where she bends down and jumps around. Daisy's tail was wagging the whole time but she seemed unsure so we didn't overwhelm her with letting Bailey completely loose.

She also got the chance to meet our little Bichon Veda, once again on leash. She didn't seem to have any sort of prey drive toward her which is a good sign! We are going to keep introing her slowly to the pack and make sure that she is as comfortable as can be before letting her loose with our little monsters lol.

She also got to sleep all night in the bed with us....she's kinda spoiled :-P

Monday, March 7, 2011

Daisy has found her voice...

So our spoiled little girl has learned what the comforts of a dogs life can feel like. This has also made her very vocal about not wanting to sleep in the kennel lol. She whines at first when we put her in for the night. She is slowly learning the word "no" but doesn't want to haha. She is learning something new everyday and opening up more and more. I brought Veda (my 7lb bichon) up to her last night to see how she would react. She didn't seem to care to much but looked a little nervous about it. I was holding Veda so I think that helped a little bit. When she heals up more we will do a real intro but from the way she doesn't react to them in the kennel I don't think there will be any issues. Our dogs like to play rough though which might be overwhelming to her due to her obvious past. I can't wait to let her be a normal dog though!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The good life.

Got home today around 2:45 from the Fransican event to take Daisy to her vet appointment. When I went to let her out of the kennel she was so excited to see me she even let out a little bark. Its nice to see some personality come out of her. The vet visit went well and we had the drain removed and all wounds are looking nicely and should heal in a couple days. She still will not walk on a leash so I have to carry her to and from the car. Here are some pictures of Daisy at the vet today.

I also had the pleasure of meeting a 7 year old lab mix in the waiting room. She came up and sat down beside me and I was petting her for a couple minutes, when I asked how old she was. He told me her age and then stated that she only had a week left. She had cancer. I immediately felt horrible and wanted to give this dog as much as I could in the moments I had with her. I told the man I was sorry and he stated "She has lived a good life". This phrase stuck with me the whole time I was waiting for Daisy and the whole ride home. It made me think about the dogs that don't have the opportunity to "live a good life". Instead, spending it chained to a tree, fought for entertainment, or stuck in the shelter. I can't change the world but I know the dogs in my home can "live the good life".

Friday, March 4, 2011

Daisy says good morning!

Daisy is doing so good. She is just the latest thing. She is keeping to cone on now for the most part. You can tell she's a little irritated by it because when she hits it on stuff she is totally over dramatic and flings her head to the side. It's really funny to see her personality come out.

We think she was probably fed scraps her whole life because she hates dry dog food, will tolerate wet food, and LOVES people food. I ordered a pizza the other day and she was so excited when she smelt it she actually let out one little bark. I don't think I have ever come across s dog that isn't a fan of even dog treats! We are mixing wet and dry food so she will get used to it and I got her to take one treat yesterday which wad pretty exciting.

The drains come out tomorrow! Yay

Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 4th

I had Daisy's vet visit today at 11:45 to check the drain on her abscess. Left work around 11:15 came home to get her and she had an accident in the kennel. Which is expected, new food and new situation. I probably would do the same thing. haha. Annyways. She seemed to enjoy the car ride. A little limited in her moving due to the cone around her neck. When we got to the vet she seemed excited to be there, as if she knew she was getting the help she needs. The following videos are when we got to the vet. You can see how excited she is.

More to come soon!

Update..from my phone, hope it works right!

Here are a few photos I took with my phone of our little Daisy. She is doing well and getting more and more comfortable every day. She is simply amazing.

She have to wear a cone now because she decided she didn't want the tubes in her neck anymore. She pulled part of one out and if going to see the vet AGAIN today. I think she just misses them and keeps doing stuff to make us take her back haha.

So she was wearing the cone for a few hours last night just fine, then decided she didnt like that either and figured out how to pull the tabs apart and take it off! She's out smarting us everyday, like I said, she is amazing.

Ok now for the pictures....

Isn't she just adorable!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 2

Hi! This is my first attempt at blogging as well, I am Daisy's foster momma =)

Daisy is doing really really good today. She is still a little out of it from the pain meds but she is happy as can be. Her tail is ALWAYS wagging and she has a smile that could make even the worst day better. She is a total cuddle bug, when I sit on the floor she lays down and scoots closer and closer until her head is in my lap.

She started scratching a little bit at the drains and loosened one of the stitches. Its almost impossible to put and e-collar on her because of where her wound is so we just have to keep a close eye on it until they are removed on Saturday.

I will take more pictures to post soon!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Daisy was found in a flowerbed by a wonderful woman I work with. She then decided to contact May Day Pitbull Rescue. We stepped in and I offered to foster her. Daisy was in horrible shape. She was an obvious fight dog, with scars on her face, neck and legs. She had a very large abscess on her neck that needed medical attention. This video is when I dropped her off at the vet. Even for just meeting her she sat in my lap most of the visit.

I brought Daisy home from the Vet today. She stayed over night to get spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and the drains put in her abscess. The video is from when I brought her home, she has been sleeping since. I think she realizes she is finally going to be ok.


First off, I'd like to say I'm not much of a blogger. Fact is, I'm not much of a writer. The reason I started this blog is to document the transformation of one of my rescue dogs. Usually I take a few pictures, maybe some video. But I have never documented the entire transition from Day 1. So that is what I am going to do. Now a thanks to my sponsers. Mayday Pit Bull Rescue. Without them I wouldn't have the joy of being around the many great dogs I have. Please visit for more information.