Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16th

Its been awhile since Ive posted. In that time Dasiy has really come out of her shell. She got a bath tonight after we got back from sushi. We introduced her to Dharma tonight (offleash) and they are both in the office together playing. She obviously has the scars to show that she has been in a horrible situation before. As a foster you assume the worst, you assume that a dogs past will venture to the future. I assumed because she has the scars she will have a bad attitude towards other dogs, but tonight I can say that Daisy is a sweetheart. Forgiving to people, and other dogs.

Last Sunday we had an event and she did wonderful around people. And for the first time I saw her play with a toy. It was about 6 seconds, but anyone who has fostered or rescued a dog will embrace those seconds and realize that she is forgetting her past and doing what is natural.

Andrea from ModernPetFurtography was also there, now Daisy has some great headshots for her modeling career. Please visit her website at.

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