Thursday, March 3, 2011

Update..from my phone, hope it works right!

Here are a few photos I took with my phone of our little Daisy. She is doing well and getting more and more comfortable every day. She is simply amazing.

She have to wear a cone now because she decided she didn't want the tubes in her neck anymore. She pulled part of one out and if going to see the vet AGAIN today. I think she just misses them and keeps doing stuff to make us take her back haha.

So she was wearing the cone for a few hours last night just fine, then decided she didnt like that either and figured out how to pull the tabs apart and take it off! She's out smarting us everyday, like I said, she is amazing.

Ok now for the pictures....

Isn't she just adorable!


  1. You guys are AMAZING! Daisy is so lucky, I know she will be all personality in no time! What a great idea to blog. It's going to be fun watching her journey to wellness. Please give that sweet face a kiss from me!

  2. You guys got another one! :-) What a lucky girl. Looking forward to watching Daisy's transformation.