Saturday, March 5, 2011

The good life.

Got home today around 2:45 from the Fransican event to take Daisy to her vet appointment. When I went to let her out of the kennel she was so excited to see me she even let out a little bark. Its nice to see some personality come out of her. The vet visit went well and we had the drain removed and all wounds are looking nicely and should heal in a couple days. She still will not walk on a leash so I have to carry her to and from the car. Here are some pictures of Daisy at the vet today.

I also had the pleasure of meeting a 7 year old lab mix in the waiting room. She came up and sat down beside me and I was petting her for a couple minutes, when I asked how old she was. He told me her age and then stated that she only had a week left. She had cancer. I immediately felt horrible and wanted to give this dog as much as I could in the moments I had with her. I told the man I was sorry and he stated "She has lived a good life". This phrase stuck with me the whole time I was waiting for Daisy and the whole ride home. It made me think about the dogs that don't have the opportunity to "live a good life". Instead, spending it chained to a tree, fought for entertainment, or stuck in the shelter. I can't change the world but I know the dogs in my home can "live the good life".


  1. Love the blog, Richard! Tell Daisy we're thinking of her and hoping she'll have a good life of her own soon. I can't say enough positive things about what you and Kyleigh do for these dogs.

  2. Kristina, Thank you for your support! Daisy really is a sweetheart.