Thursday, March 10, 2011

As you already know, Daisy got her drains out. The wounds are healing nicely. We did a small intro yesterday with our pit Bailey. They were both on leash the whole time and it went really well. We didn't let them loose together because Daisy seemed a little unsure at Baileys forwardness. Bailey was excited to meet a new dog and kept doing the play with me thing where she bends down and jumps around. Daisy's tail was wagging the whole time but she seemed unsure so we didn't overwhelm her with letting Bailey completely loose.

She also got the chance to meet our little Bichon Veda, once again on leash. She didn't seem to have any sort of prey drive toward her which is a good sign! We are going to keep introing her slowly to the pack and make sure that she is as comfortable as can be before letting her loose with our little monsters lol.

She also got to sleep all night in the bed with us....she's kinda spoiled :-P

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